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We are a Danish association that plays a team game,
with soft harmless buffering arrows.

We invented the game in 2003 and
since our game has spread to the whole world.
With names like Archery Tag, Archery Attack, Bowcombat and many more.

The History of Combat Archery:

2 Danish friends
invent  the game

Peter Vorbeck

Lars Andersen

The spring of 2003 in Bispeparken (Copenhagen) is being played for the first time.

A safe buffer arrow should be able to be pushed directly to the eye without any problems.

The game develops, tested numerous variations and is played inside and outside and there are also games in schools.


2010 begins to form a union.

The municipality of Copenhagen is applying for more equipment. 

To spread the game to other countries from autumn 2010, a number of English-language videos became online.



February 2011 we receive support from the municipality of Copenhagen and the name "Combat Archery" is official registered in the company board.

The game is spreading because of our videos to other countries.

Combat Archery Malta

The American Company Archery Tag, starts In summer 2011 a commercial version of our game

Archery Tag argue that in spring 2011 has invented the game and they call themselves "the original Combat archery game" although we demonstrably have used and registered the name before they occurred.

All elements of their game are similar variations previously used in Denmark and were publicly available online.

"Archery Tag was created by John Jackson, the founder of DeerSpace, Instinct Archery™, and Global Archery Products, Inc. In the spring of 2011, while working on a new archery product, there was the idea of placing a foam tip on an arrow and shooting each other with it. Within an hour or so the first prototype and a new sport was born!"

The company also claims that they invented the buffer arrow.

But the bufer arrow is much older and from 2004 the German company IDV has sold buffer arrows all over the world.

Archery Tag has developed their own arrow, but unfortunately without the dual security system.

So they are forced to use large clumsy safety masks.

2011 The first Danish championship in Combat archery

Archery Tag pursue legal action against the company Archery Attack. 

Part of the lawsuit is about Archery Tag claiming they own the rights to the game as they invented!